Changes to recycling guidelines in effect

Modern Disposal has implemented new recycling rules for residents of the Village of Williamsville.

The village’s recycling program through Modern is included in the company’s contract with Town of Amherst. As such, the guidelines instituted within the village are the same as those that have been implemented by the Town of Amherst.

The changes to the guidelines, according to Amherst officials, can be read below.

“The Town of Amherst, in partnership with Modern Disposal is instituting new recycling guidelines,” said Amherst Highway Superintendent Patrick Lucey. “These are in response to the recycling crisis affecting the nation, after China and other Asian countries began limiting the amount of recyclable materials being imported. This means some materials that were once recyclable no longer have any value or recyclability.

These materials are now costing the town more in processing fees to sort them out so we are asking residents to please consider leaving them out of their recycling tote(s). The new rules are:

• Clean and rinse out all plastic containers. It’s vital that we all try to help with contamination levels which keeps our material viable for renewal and that helps us help the environment!

• Leave out any colored glass. Colored glass is also no longer recommended for curbside pick-up since it’s hard to recycle when mixed with clear glass, you may take colored glass to various private recycling centers around town for other opportunities.

• Empty cardboard boxes of all plastic wrap, film, and Styrofoam before breaking them down. Extra cardboard can be placed next to your tote.

• No plastic bags or plastic film from packaging of any kind. Plastic bags can go to various retailers across WNY for recycling. Please don’t place them in your tote, and please don’t use them to package other recyclable materials – they increase our costs to recycle and can ruin the recycling center’s machinery.

If you have any questions regarding the recycling program, call Williamsville Village Hall at 632-4120 for assistance.

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