2016 Energy Use Data
Village of Williamsville Municipal Buildings Over 1,000 Sq Ft

Property Address Primary Use Type Gross Floor Area (square feet) Site Energy Use Intensity


Weather Normalized Source EUI (kBtu/ft2) Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e) Energy Performance Score
Williamsville Department of Public Works 40 S Long Rd. Other – Public Services 8,000 83.6 95 35.6 N/A
Village of Williamsville 5565 Main St. Office/Fire Station 13,340 51.5 50.9 8.8 N/A
Historic Meeting House 5658 Main St. Social/Meeting Hall 2,600 63.4 70 37.3 N/A

During 2016, municipal buildings in the Village of Williamsville over 1,000 square feet used a total of 200,061 kWh of electricity, 825.1 kcf of natural gas, emitting a total of 81.7 Metric Tons CO2e.