Special Work Session

There will be a Village Board work-session open to the public on the Natale Development project on October 12th at 7:30 PM in the Board Room at Village Hall, 5565 Main Street. Please see the below, from Mayor Brian Kulpa:

South Long, California and everything in between

Neighbors – As most of you know, I generally shy away from posting on social media, but I understand that there is a lot of confusion regarding the happenings of the proposed Natale Project. So I am going to post just this once to make sure that a few things are clear.

1. The Village is holding an open work session with Natale on Thursday October 12 at 7:30 PM at Village Hall to discuss the project. It will be a Village Board work Session, but held in the main Board room and we are hoping neighbors will attend. Assuming some of you will, I promise you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and share comments.

2. The Village Board is making every effort to get the best possible outcome for the Village and neighbors. As we have since this all started. In doing so, we will attempt to satisfy some big interests from the community, in terms of connecting Memorial Trail to South Long Park and securing the future of the Section House.

3. Like many of you, I live in the immediate vicinity and at an intersection that will undoubtedly see a traffic increase. As such, my intent (not speaking for the Board) will be to try to shed as much vehicle demand as possible in Natale’s plans.

4. The “Land Swap” that came off the table did so for many reasons, some of them ultimately out of the Village’s control, some of them within the context of local support/lack of support. At the end of the day, it was an interesting idea and exercise, that produces some substance. It helped in the discussion of density, it forced critical looks at land use and land mass in the area and ultimately created a spring board to continue negotiating with the developer to try and find better solutions to the site planning.

5. The Village Board is not omnipotent, and while we have some tools and skills that have been able to help, we are one of many actors involved in all of these scenarios and are doing our best to continue down a path to a better project. I am confident that as with many controversial projects (the Mill, Picture Main Street, Main and Hirschfield) we will find and appropriate manor to develop this site, even if it means a lot more sweat and a lot more effort.