Village panels reviewing Blocher Homes site; public hearing set for Dec. 2

People Inc., a nonprofit organization, is proposing to renovate and expand the current Blocher Homes building, locacted at 135 Evans Street, to add new apartments.

UPDATE: The Planning Board during its meeting on Nov. 4 agreed to hold a public hearing regarding the site plan for 135 Evans St. The public hearing has been scheduled to be held during the board’s next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 2. Each speaker will be allowed to address the board within a three-minute time limit.

The proposed two-to-three-story structure would require site plan approval by the village’s Planning and Architectural Review Board, which initially reviewed plans on Aug. 5. The board has not yet taken action on the site plan, but is scheduled to review the plans during its next meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 4.

Additionally, People Inc. has requested a series of zoning variances to be reviewed by the village’s Zoning Board of Appeals. The ZBA during its meeting on Oct. 16 decided not to take action on the variance requests and will be reviewing it on Nov. 20.

The Village Board of Trustees is stressing to the public that the project is only being reviewed by the village’s ZBA and Planning Board.

To assist the community in having their concerns on record, the Village Board on Oct. 28, recommended to the Planning Board that it hold a public hearing on the site plan prior to any vote being made. The approved Village Board resolution regarding the hearing recommendation is being forwarded to the Planning Board for their evaluation.

“While the Blocher Homes project is in the village boundaries, the mayor and trustees have no influence or decision-making ability as it pertains to the project,” Mayor Deb Rogers said on Oct. 28. “These decisions lie within the parameters of the village’s Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals.”