Village seeks firm to update community plan, zoning code

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY (Jan. 29, 2021) –The Village of Williamsville is requesting proposals from planning firms interested in updating the municipality’s community plan, as well as recommending amendments to the village’s zoning code.

The current community plan was accepted by the Village Board in 2010 and last amended in May 2015. The document details specific guidelines for the village’s future in the areas of: development, infrastructure design and updates, capital projects, and the formation of municipal policies and decision making.

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In addition to revising the plan, Williamsville’s RFP also requests that the chosen planning firm assist the village’s legal counsel with recommending revisions to the municipal zoning code.

“We are searching for a planning firm that can reestablish the village’s mission statement, remove completed tasks in the community plan, chart the village’s course for the next 10 years, and improve and streamline the village’s zoning code,” said Trustee Matt Etu, who created the RFP.

Etu is liaison to Williamsville’s three land-use deciding panels: the Historic Preservation Commission, the Architectural and Planning Board, and the Zoning Board.

The trustee added that updates to the community plan are long overdue.

“A lot has changed in the Village since 2010,” Etu said. “Former Mayor Brian Kulpa and his fellow trustees spearheaded several landmark achievements based on the current comprehensive plan. In
doing so, he showed us how the village can expect more and achieve more. The future of our community depends on sustaining that momentum.”

Should the Village Board agree to select a firm following an interview process, work on the project could begin as early as June.

Prior to formal adoption by the Village Board of Trustees, any alterations would be subject to environmental quality reviews, in addition to soliciting input from the community and offering public hearings during Village Board meetings.

Proposal submissions will be accepted until 4 p.m. (EST) Friday, March 5. The Village of Williamsville reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject any and/or all submissions.

To submit a proposal, firms should upload documents through a portal on the village’s website,