Village Street Paving


The following Village of Williamsville streets are currently being milled and repaved (late August into early September). ADA curb ramps will also be installed in these areas.  Roads will often have workers directing traffic and stopping cars. Please make sure you drive with caution. Please observe any No Parking signs, but note that you can park in those areas over the Labor Day weekend.

Alleyways (2)                     Eagle to Swan    (overlay only)

Academy                            Eagle to dead end

Belmont                              Mill to Evans

Edward                                Mill to N. Ellicott

Glen Ave. Extension         N. Long to Reist

Highland Dr.                       Oakgrove to Wehrle

Hirschfield Dr.                   Main to Oakgrove

Mill St.                                 Main to the Village Line

N Ellicott St.                       Eagle to Belmont

Park Dr.                              Oakgrove to Main

Reist St.                              Main to Glen Ave. Ext.

Stanton St.                         Mill to N. Ellicott