South Cayuga residential poll results, comments available for viewing

In late October, the Village Board of Trustees sent to 40 residences on South Cayuga Road a poll relating to the proposed establishment of a local historic district for the properties on the street.

Each poll allowed up to two occupants to state either favor, opposition, or indecision by indicating “maybe” next to the questions.

While the polls were to be returned to Village Hall by Friday, Nov. 8, the Village Board allowed an extra week for completed polls to be included in the results. The board wanted to make sure that all residents who received the poll had ample time to complete and return the document.


Of the 60% of the polls that were returned to the Village Board for its review:

78% of respondents were opposed to a historic district

13% were in favor of a historic district

9% answered “maybe” being in favor of a historic district 


To view the 24 returned polls and the comments, click the “download” button below. Please note that some polls contain redactions to allow for the respondents’ anonymity.