State of Emergency in effect; court operations, volunteer committee meetings suspended

Following recommendations by federal, state, county, and Center for Disease Control officials who aim to suppress the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Village of Williamsville is implementing social distancing measures for its public gatherings, including all upcoming meetings and events where more than 10 people could be present.

As part of the village’s efforts, Williamsville Mayor Deb Rogers on Monday, March 16, signed a local State of Emergency to be effective through Tuesday, April 14. Rogers exercised the authority under Section 24 of the New York State Executive Law, Article 2B, to preserve public safety and render all required and available assistance to the security, well-being, and health of the residents of the Village of Williamsville.

The proclamation also enables Williamsville to take additional legal, operational and recovery measures that may be needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its affects on the village.

Below are further details of how village operations and meetings will be limited until further notice.

Upcoming Village Board Meetings

While the Village Board will still hold its next regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 23, the agenda will consist only of item – calling for a public hearing regarding the 2020-21 budget. A work session will not be held prior to the regular meeting. This will also be the format for subsequent Village Board meetings until further notice.

The Village Board is reviewing protocol on a day-to-day basis and further information will be released when as it becomes available.

Rogers said she wants future Village Board meeting agendas to include only essential items as a way for the community to remain focused on limiting the spread of COVID-19 through the reduction of crowds at public places.

We want the public to understand that the community’s health and safety ranks higher than the business of village government, she said. “As elected officials, we must act in the best interests of our constituents. By holding public hearings we are encouraging residents to congregate at the meeting, which is in direct conflict with protecting the community. We need to stress the importance of social distancing measures at this time.”

Village Hall Availability

Village Hall is closed to the public. It is requested that the public contact the Clerk’s Office at 632-4120 to consult with a staff member.

The public is also urged to visit the village’s website,, or its page on Facebook to view any changes in Village Hall’s operations, including business hours.

Village Committees, Boards and Commissions

As part of the State of Emergency, no village committee, board or commission will meet until further notice. These panels include: the Arts and Culture, Beautification, Traffic and Safety, Youth and Recreation and Environmental Advisory committees; Glen Park Joint Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Board, Tree Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Other Public Services Effected

  • Village Court: The New York State Office Of Court Administration and Chief Judge have mandated that all court business is to be adjourned for the foreseeable future. Upon court reopening, all parties will receive a letter noting the new court date and time. Prior to the next court date, parties you are strongly encouraged to verify that court will be in session.  
  • Refuse: At this time, trash pickup will not be impacted and will continue as scheduled within the Village of Williamsville.
  • Meeting House use: The Williamsville Meeting House, 5658 Main St., will not be available for public rentals until further notice.

The Village of Williamsville will update the community via its website or social media if further developments related to municipal operations should occur.

Rogers added that she appreciates the public’s understanding and patience.

“We urge the community to take every effort to stay home, remain healthy and be kind to each other as we navigate through this pandemic together,” Rogers said.