Village reminds residents of trash pickup policies

The Village of Williamsville is reminding residents of the trash pickup policies put in place by Modern Corporation, the village’s contracted refuse company. 

Modern Corporation is strictly adhering to its rule of nine (9) total trash items that will picked up from each location. This means that there may be one garbage tote and up to eight (8) additional items.

These additional items may not be thrown into disheveled piles. All extra items must be either bundled or bagged.

Please note that any trash counted above this nine-item limit will be left behind.

Below are additional answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Garden and yard waste is picked up by Modern on regular garbage days April through November.  Waste must be placed in paper bags or open containers for pick up before 7 a.m.  Do not use garbage totes or recycling totes to deposit the waste. Containers may not weigh over 60 pounds. Soil may not be included with yard waste.
  • Picking up of brush and branches for recycling is conducted by the village every second and fourth Mondays through October.  Brush must be out to the curb before 7 a.m.  
  • Picking up of metal, televisions and electronics for recycling is conducted by the village on the second and fourth Mondays through October. Such waste must be out on the curb before 7 a.m. 

For more information about trash collection, CLICK HERE.

For details about Modern’s recycling guidelines, CLICK HERE.