Village returning to in-person meetings following easing of mask mandate

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY (Feb. 10, 2022) – The Village of Williamsville is returning to in-person board and committee meetings following the Feb. 10 easing of COVID-related mask mandates by New York State and Erie County governments.

While Williamsville had been conducting meetings either fully or partially remote when applicable since spring 2020, the process causes village officials to take time from their regular responsibilities to set up the technology and moderate meetings in the evenings.

“Now that the mask mandate has been eased, it’s time for the Village of Williamsville to lead the way back to normal government operations and resume conducting all business meetings in-person, as they had been prior to March 2020,” Mayor Deb Rogers said.

Rogers added that people can still choose to wear masks when inside Village Hall even though it is not dictated by a mandate.

“If a person feels more comfortable wearing a mask, that is his or her choice and that person is welcome to do so,” she said.

The Village Board’s next regular meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 14, at Village Hall, 5565 Main St.

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