Designs, plants, and maintains the municipal planters and gardens at the following locations: Heritage Garden of 1812 at Main and Evans; Village Hall; Pocket Park; Garrison Park; Meeting House, Island Park Stonehouse and Bridge; Glen Park Pathway. In addition, this committee organizes and implements the annual Village Garden Walk.

Members of the committee include: Debby Cambria, Matt Carson, Sharon Daniels, Kelly Davis, Elise Fila, Joanna Haumesser, Myra Lenz, Edie Malizia, Marcia Roth, Dian Lewin, Patricia Earing, Michele Pagliaroli, Roger Roll, Melissa Warner, Jeff Voelkl, Jinge Hu, Ramona Schickling, Kathy Venezia, and Deb Habes, who is the chairperson.


Al Yates, Trustee
Phone: (716) 632-4120 x3003