Crew Chief: Ben Vilonen
Hours: Monday – Friday 7 AM – 3:30 PM
Phone: (716) 632-4120

The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintenance of all Village property and infrastructure, including street paving and plowing, storm and sanitary sewers, garbage and recycling of waste, and Village-owned tree maintenance. The department consists of a General Crew Chief, Working Crew Chief, and eight Motor Equipment Operators. The General Crew Chief oversees the department.
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Duties Include (click below for more details):

Garbage and Recycling Pickup

  • Modern Corporation is the Williamsville’s residential waste hauler. Click on the link for the 2024 Village of Williamsville calendar.
    Modern Disposal Schedule
  • Garbage and Recycling Information Sheet
  • Any service complaints should be directed to Modern
  • Garden and yard waste is picked up by Modern on regular garbage days April through November.  Waste must be placed in paper bags or open containers for pick up before 7:00 a.m.  Do not use garbage or recycling tote. Containers may not weigh over 60 lbs.
  • Picking up of brush and branches for recycling.  Village wide pickup is 2nd and 4th Mondays, March thru October ONLY. Waste must be out on the curb before 7:00 a.m.  Pickup November thru February is on Fridays by appointment only, through the Village office.
  • Picking up of metal, TV’s and electronics for recycling.  Village wide pickup is 2nd and 4th Mondays, March thru October ONLY. Waste must be out on the curb before 7:00 a.m. Pickup November thru February is on Fridays by appointment only, through the Village office.
  • Leaf collection.  Leaves in the FALL ONLY can be raked up and placed between the curb and sidewalk for pick up.  Please do not place leaves in street.
  • Collection of refuse from Village parks and property.
  • Please read the below information regarding the mandate that all refuse be placed in totes:
    The occupant of any premises shall maintain suitable and sufficient tote containers for all garbage and refuse that may accumulate on or about the premises.
    All refuse for routine collection, other than recyclables and yard waste, must be placed in a tote container. Any premises that requires, on a regular basis, more than two such tote containers for collection shall be required to secure a portable transfer container for all excess over two tote containers. It shall be the responsibility of the owner or occupant to contract privately for the securing of said container service for the excess material. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Refuse Officer.
    All yard waste shall be placed in the following containers: tote container issued by the Village of Williamsville, bushel basket or other container. No container shall weigh more than 65 pounds when filled.
    Portable transfer containers shall be used for outdoor storage of refuse on any premises. Such containers shall be emptied or replaced whenever full or at least once each week and shall be equipped with a tight-fitting lid so as to prevent dispersal of the contents about the premises.

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Street Maintenance

In the community
  • Street sweeping
  • Milling and repaving roads with new asphalt
  • Patching and cold patching potholes in winter
  • Striping of crosswalks and travel lanes
  • Traffic control signage along Village streets, such as speed limit, parking, and other regulations
  • Snow plowing and removal, salting of roads

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Storm Water Collection System

Debris removal
  • Monitoring of drainage within the Village
  • Repair of existing infrastructure, i.e.: receivers and pipe collection systems
  • Installing new drainage
  • Preparing annual storm water report for NYSDEC review
  • Monitoring and reporting illicit discharges
  • Inspection of commercial and residential connections to system per Village code

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Sanitary Sewer System

  • Monitoring flows within Village limits
  • Inspecting and maintaining existing infrastructure
  • Cleaning and clearing mains from obstruction
  • Televising and reporting findings to NYSDEC for annual permit compliance
  • Root cutting within mains
  • Repairing manholes, rims, and main line connections
  • Inspecting all commercial and residential connections to sanitary sewer system per Village code

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Tree Maintenance

  • Planting new trees in right-of-way and village parks
  • Pruning of limbs

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Buildings and Grounds

  • Maintaining Village Hall, Village Meeting house, Department of Public Works facility
  • Maintaining parks – mowing grass, landscaping, public swimming pool at Garrison Park, pavilion and gazebos, tennis courts and playgrounds

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Village Parks

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Community Beautification

  • Maintaining flower pots
  • Hanging and removing banners
  • Hanging holiday decorations

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