Community cats that have progressed through the TNVR process will have tipped ears.

Community cats, or feral cats, are felines that are unowned, nonsocialized, free-roaming, homeless, and stray. 

The most effective way to help and manage community cats is through the use of TNVR practices, which is an acronym for trap, neuter, vaccinate and release.  Using this process, the cats are trapped,  then neutered or spayed, vaccinated, and released back into the environment where they were humanely trapped.  The cats will also have the tip of one of their ears surgically removed. A tipped ear is the universal sign that a feline is a community cat that has progressed through the TNVR process. Upon returning to the community, the cats are provided food and shelter from the residents, who also monitor the cats.

A non-lethal alternative to controlling the cat population, TNVR is very successful if conducted properly.  The practice improves the lives of stray cats, ends their reproduction cycle, and helps to control nuisance behavior associated with free-roaming cats.  

The use of TNVR practices for community cats is legal in the Village of Williamsville. Interested residents are encouraged to participate in and support TNVR activities on a voluntary basis on their private property or residence. 

Village officials request that residents follow all guidelines published in the Code of the Village of Williamsville, Chapter 8-6, which refers to community cats. 


Helpful Links and Phone Numbers:

Feral Cat Focus of WNY

1-888 902-9717


Operation Pets (low cost spay and neuter)

716 783-8998


Ten Lives Club (cat rescues and adoption)



Animal Advocates of Western NY

716 648-6423


SPCA Serving Erie County


Alley Cat Allies




Humane Society of the United States