While residents may perform necessary repairs on their property, new additions, garages, decks, porches, fences, sheds, swimming pools, hot tubs, or wood and gas burning stoves require a permit. Contact the Building Department for information before beginning any construction or demolition project. See the building permit process below, which also includes links to corresponding applications.


  1. Submit the appropriate application and pay the corresponding permit fees.
  2. The Building Department will confirm receipt of the application within 48 hours.
  3. In most cases, Building Department will review your project will be completed within in a two-week period.
  4. The Permit will be mailed to the property owner’s address.


  1. Submit the appropriate application and pay the corresponding permit fees.
  2. The Building Department will confirm receipt of permit applications within 48 hours.
  3. If your application requires placement on the agenda for the Historic Preservation Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Planning Board, the Building Department should receive your completed permit applications before the application deadline for the meeting you wish to attend.
  4. Permits will be mailed when all approvals have been granted.

Per village code, if you complete work without an approved building permit, you may be fined an amount equal to twice the cost of the required permits. You may also be required to appear in court. 

Links to Building Permit Applications

Outdoor Seating Application

Accessory Structure Permit Application – including sheds and pole barns

Demolition Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Fire Protection Equipment Permit Application – Including fire suppression and fire alarm systems

Floodplain Development Permit Application

General Building Permit Application – For residential additions and new home construction. See this Checklist for One-and Two-Family Home Construction

Mechanical Permit Application – Including installation of heating and cooling equipment

Operating Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application – Should a plumbing job require a road cut, you may also need a Highway Work Permit Application.

Plumbing License Application – 2020

Swimming Pool and Hot Tubs Permit Application

Roofing Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Applications for Village Boards and Committees

Historic Preservation – Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

Any work conducted on a historic landmark or historic landmark site requires the approval of the Historic Preservation Committee.

Site Plan/Architectural Review Application

Some commercial construction may require architectural and/or site plan review, depending on its scope. Please review the Planning Board application procedure. If you are unsure whether your project requires Planning Board review, contact the Building Department.

Should the Building Department inform you that your project requires a variance, an application for the variance will need to be submitted to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Please review the ZBA Application Procedures & Guidelines

2023-2024 Fee Schedule

Fees corresponding to these permit applications can be found by clicking Building Department Fee Schedule

Seasonal Permits

Click here to download a Seasonal Outdoor Seating Permit Application

Click here to download a Tent Permit Application

Other Applications

Sewer Compliance Inspection Application –  Per Chapter 81-6 (C) of the village code, all properties must have their sump pump system, footing drains, yard drains, and downspouts inspected prior to any transfer of ownership.

Sewer compliance inspections help to mitigate stormwater runoff and keep groundwater from entering the sanitary sewer system. Any property that passes a sewer compliance inspection will be issued a Certificate of Compliance, which is valid for a two-year period beginning from the date of issuance.

Click here to download a Code Enforcement Complaint Form