This committee makes recommendations to the Village Board and Planning Board regarding traffic signs and speed limits to ensure the safety of Village residents and those who use the Village streets. Meetings are held monthly.

Members of the committee are Marilyn Alfes, Debby Cambria, Patrice Hannotte, Cecelia Raine, Daniel Rider, Matthew Schery, Sam Spitzer, and Walter Pacer, who is the chairperson.


Eileen Torre, Trustee / Dan DeLano, Deputy Mayor
Phone: (716) 632-4120 x3004 / (716) 632-4120 x3002
Email: /

Evans/Eagle Traffic Counts

The Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council has studied traffic in the Evans/Eagle/N. Ellicott area to determine a solution to traffic issues. Click here to view GBNRTC’s presentation offered to the Village Board in 2015.