Visit Our Parks !

Within one square mile area of the Village there are six parks for Village residents. Various shelters are available for use or rental at Island and Garrison parks.  Garrison Park also has a wading pool with on-site lifeguards.

NEW AS OF APRIL 30, 2021:  Renters must submit a signed and notarized Waiver and Indemnity Agreement that includes a section regarding COVID-19 protocols. The agreement can be found within the below permit links.

Below are village shelter and park rental forms. All rental documents must be submitted with the above Waiver and Indemnity Agreement.

Garrison Park

Located at Garrison Road, S. Ellicott Street and Park Drive, Garrison Park is equipped with a wading pool that is 18″ deep, swings, slides and a climbing apparatus. There is …

Garrison Park Wading Pool

The pool’s date of opening and closing is determined by pool attendant availability, as most are college students returning to school in late August. The wading pool is generally open …

Glen Park

Located near picturesque Glen Falls, Glen Park is jointly owned by the Village of Williamsville and the Town of Amherst. It was built in 1976 with funds obtained from a …

Island Park

Located behind Town Hall, this park is the scene of many Village functions including Old Home Days, Oktoberfest, Music in the Park Series and Christmas Caroling in the Pines. It …

Lehigh Memory Trail

The Lehigh Memory Trail runs from S. Cayuga Road to S. Long Street in the Southwest section of the Village. It is the Village of Williamsville’s newest park. It was …

Meeting House – events and rental

The Meeting House Committee is responsible for overseeing the general maintenance and enhancements of the building while preserving its historic beauty and integrity.

Pocket Park

The Village Pocket Park is located between Williamsville Village Hall, 5565 Main St., and the Williamsville Library. The park is maintained by members of the Beautification Committee with assistance from the Department of Public Works.

South Long Park

This beautiful Village park located on S. Long St. near Village Square Lane has seen some significant improvements over the past several years! Amenities include a softball diamond that was …